World’s Leading
Recycling Equipment Manufacturer

Nut Cracker manufactures the world’s premier recycling equipment. The group being an industry pioneer, its world-class resource pool, and cutting-edge technologies have constantly spurred positive change in the Indian recycling industry.

Nut Cracker is an ISO 9001:2015 certified firm that incorporates internationally known quality standards and procedures into its manufacturing operations.


A Blend of Youth &
50+ years’ Experience

A very warm welcome to the world of high quality Recycling Equipment manufactured at Nut Cracker Group’s Hydraulic Division; A place where a mixed blend of qualified youth and of 50+ years’ experienced personnel manufacture highly sophisticated and rugged equipment with quality standards you’ve never experienced before.

Metal Recycling Equipment

Waste Processing Equipment

Recycling AID Equipment

Cylinders, Valves Powerpacks & Solar Tracker Components