Pioneering Scrap Baling: From Single Action to Continuous Production

Since the 1970s, our company has been at the forefront of scrap baling technology, starting with the very first single-action hydraulic scrap baling press. Driven by decades of experience, a commitment to quality, and continuous research & development, we proudly present Fully Automatic, Continuous Production Hydraulic Scrap Baling Presses.

Dominating the Scrap Processing Landscape

These continuous baler/baling press machines have earned an outstanding reputation in scrap yards, ferrous processing plants, and non-ferrous metal melting plants. They excel at compacting virtually any metal scrap, including sheet metals and aluminum, into uniform square bales. These next-generation metal presses/metal compactors establish a new benchmark for efficient scrap processing.

Powerhouse Performance

Our continuous scrap baling presses are renowned for their powerful and efficient operation. They consistently produce high-density bales, thanks to their superior pressing force and impressive output. This combination makes them some of the fastest and strongest continuous baler/baling press machines available in India.

For every specific application, there exists an ideal scrap baling press. These baling presses come equipped with two or three separately operating compactors designed to efficiently compress scrap material into compact bales.

Efficient and Durable Design

The drive and control concepts employed in our metal scrap continuous baler/baling press machines ensure not only efficient operation but also minimal energy consumption and maximum throughput capacity. Constructed with careful planning, our metal balers boast sturdy and durable designs enhanced with extensive wear protection.

Easy Maintenance and Operation

Maintenance is made hassle-free with easily replaceable common wear parts, eliminating the need to remove the entire compactor units. Operation and troubleshooting are streamlined through the user-friendly multi-information PLC display integrated into the metal scrap continuous baler/baling press machines. This terminal features a large display that provides comprehensive process-relevant information and status reports at a glance.

Salient Features:

  1. Streamline your scrap processing operations with our versatile triple action baler/baling press machines, designed to handle a wide range of scrap materials and produce desirable bale sizes, both small and large.
  2. Unmatched Compacting Power: Each baler boasts powerful compactors that effortlessly transform your scrap into high-density bales. This innovative design ensures optimal space utilization and efficient transportation, maximizing your productivity.
  3. Efficiency Meets Performance: Our intelligent drive and control systems prioritize both low energy consumption and maximum throughput, resulting in cost-effective and productive operations.
  4. Built to Last: Experience unwavering durability with our balers’ carefully planned construction and extensive wear protection. Easily replaceable common wear parts minimize downtime and maintenance costs, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  5. Intuitive Operation & Advanced Diagnostics: Enjoy simplified operation and troubleshooting with the integrated multi-information PLC display. This user-friendly interface provides clear process data and status reports, empowering informed decision-making.

Additional Features:

  • Durable wear-resistant plates for extended feeding chamber life
  • Integrated shearing blades to handle oversized materials with ease
  • Reliable after-sales service for your peace of mind


Our continuous baler/baling press machines offer a seamless and cost-effective solution for your operation needs. Once activated, these continuous balers run continuously, efficiently compressing scrap into dense bales without interruption.

Continuous baler/baling press machines operate by compressing scrap materials into dense bales in succession, facilitated by a continuous feed of scrap into the feeding hopper via grabber or inline conveyor. This ensures a steady workflow, optimizing efficiency.

Our continuous baler/baling press machines are meticulously designed to meet high-end production requirements while generating significant cost savings during scrap transportation. They facilitate maximum feeding of scrap into the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) in a single heat cycle, enhancing operational efficiency.

Available in various sizes and capacities, our metal balers can handle a wide range of metal scrap, including sheet metals and wire scrap, compacting them into dense square bales. This versatility ensures optimal utilization of resources while minimizing waste.

Operating Procedure

  1. Scrap is initially charged onto the top of the partition slide, which opens and closes to allow entry into the lower chamber for baling and shearing any oversized scrap.
  2. The main compression cylinder(s) first compress the scrap from the rear end.
  3. Subsequently, the scrap is compressed from the top, fixing the two dimensions of the bale.
  4. The side cylinder then compacts the scrap from the third direction, resulting in a high-density bale.
  5. Once the desired pressure is achieved, bale ejection occurs, and all cylinders return to their home positions.
  6. Meanwhile, scrap for the next cycle is introduced via conveyor, grab, or manual loading.
  7. The partition slide reopens, allowing the scrap to enter the baling chamber for the next cycle.

Data Sheet:

1. Production depends upon quality & grade of scrap and scrap charging rate
2. Above data achieved under ideal working conditions
3. Nut Cracker reserves all right to change the specifications at any time without any prior intimation
4. All data is indicative and not binding


Hopper Size (InchxInchxInch) Bale Size (InchxInch) Main Motor (HP) Bale Weight (KG) Production/Hr (Tons)
M.S. Aluminium Copper Paper M.S. Aluminium Copper Paper
48×30 10×10/12×12 80 <=50 <=20 <=50 <=40 <=4 <=1.5 <=4 <=3
60×40 12×12 120 / 160 <=150 <=50 <=150 <=50 <=9 / <=15 <=2 / <=4 <=9 / <=15 <=4