Nut Cracker’ reputation for manufacturing high quality equipments started way back in 1973. Since then, decades of innovation have powered Nut Cracker to become a leader in the arena.

And India embraces Nut Cracker’ ideology of commitment & precision. So you enjoy every machine filled with performance, production and reliability. Nut Cracker has been continuously driving “Engineering Excellence” through the deployment of best practices in areas such as Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement, R & D and Technology Up gradations, Process Management and Training, Awareness & Competence. Its Quality Benchmarks & Management Review Systems ensure all equipments that move out from its premises are best in class. Nut Cracker uses various softwares such as Solidworks & Auto-CAD for designing its equipments. Post designing, the equipments are pre-tested on softwares such as Cosmos Works & Cosmo-Flow before the final draft is sent for production. The equipment once manufactured is pressure tested for hours & monitored by special devices to ensure hassle-free operation at site. The parts used in its equipments are manufactured by world leaders such as Rexroth & Parker to ensure maximum performance. High Quality was always pedestal for its founders and also remains a foresight for the current leaders.